FastTrack© Project Management


FastTrack© Project Management


Do you want to know what project management is all about or just want your company’s projects to run more smoothly? Are all your projects being run in different ineffective ways? Do you want some in depth consistency in your project management? Or even worse, do you not know what is happening with the projects in your company? You need FastTrack Project Management – the Project Manager’s Handbook. Learn how to plan a project and keep it on track! Control all the changes and problems as well as document them for later reference. Let all your team, users and clients understand what is going on and the successes that you have had. Identify the various project stages, staff and control methods as well as detailing the main project documentation used within a project. Understand how to manage a project effectively, efficiently and profitably. Understand project controls, documentation, planning, management and communication with our detailed methods and processes.

ISBN: 978-1-907551-01-7
179 pages



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